Support Our Local Youth Athletes

The MAYF is a fundraising organization dedicated to providing, with parity, the best possible facilities, equipment, uniforms, supplies and support for the Mt Airy Senior High School (MASH) athletic programs for both boys and girls.

The MAYF is an all-volunteer organization, and we do not have any salaried positions or office space. We have a small unit rented from Sheets where we keep our metal sponsor signs, golf hole sponsor signs, ping pong ball machine and other miscellaneous items needed for projects.

The Mount Airy Youth Foundation (MAYF) is a non-profit organization operating in Mt Airy, N.C., filing income tax under section 501(C) of the Internal Revenue Code. As such, we are exempt from paying income tax and all donations to us are “tax deductible”. We will never raise money that is deposited into accounts held by or controlled by any other entity other than the MAYF.

New Football Scoreboard For The 2017 Season!

The Mount Airy Youth Foundation is proud to announce that we are planning to install a new, state-of-the-art Football scoreboard for the 2017 season!

Don’t miss this opportunity to support your team and take advantage of this advertising blockbuster event!

With all eyes on the game and the scoreboard, MAHS would like to offer advertising opportunities ranging from basic static signage to digital content and multi-media. You now have the opportunity to support MAHS traditions, showcase community support and get your name out there by purchasing advertising space.

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